Upper Soudley Halt - Railways of the Forest of Dean

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Upper Soudley Halt

Upper Soudley Halt was opened in 1907 and modified in 1908. It  seems that the builders took the spelling of Soudley from the first edition  Ordnance Survey map which spelt it as above rather than "Sewdley" as residents  were spelling at the time. The new version eventually became official and  remains as such to this day.

"Up" goods and mineral trains stopped here to pin down brakes to  control the descent to Bullo. In later years "Down" trains often seemed to run  out of steam at Soudley, or perhaps it was more the crews; the village pub was  right next to the line!

The halt was closed in 1958, and today Soudley is best known for the Forest of Dean Heritage Museum.  At one point it was suggested that the Dean Forest Railway might run a line along part  of the old FoD branch to the museum, but the DFR have no plans to attempt this at present, and it is extremely unlikely that this will be attempted.
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