Lydney Town, Severn and Wye/Dean Forest Railway Stations - Railways of the Forest of Dean

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Lydney Town
Situated at the centre of Lydney, the station started life with rather basic facilities, but these proved unsuited to Lydney's needs and the station was upgraded in 1897. However, the station's proximity to the main road through Lydney which it crossed on the level, proved to be a problem throughout the station's life as shunting in the station caused delays to road and foot traffic, although a footbridge provided in 1904 helped somewhat with the latter.

Passenger services from Lydney Town to Berkeley survived the withdrawal of 1929, lasting until the destruction of the Severn Bridge in 1960. On the 22nd April, 2001, the Dean Forest Railway opened a new station at Lydney Town station at a site just south of the original station, although developments in the station area in the previous decades have meant that there was only sufficient space for a single platform halt, as seen above.   
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