Norchard, Severn and Wye/Dean Forest Railway Stations - Railways of the Forest of Dean

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Norchard is the current operating base of the DFR, and has been so since 1978. Before the DFR moved in, the area had been used as a colliery and a electricity generating station. No passenger services operated out of Norchard during the Severn & Wye era.

South of the station, the line splits into two with the line to Parkend running above and to the west of the station. There are two levels to this station, with Low Level being a terminus, and High Level for through trains to Parkend.

Norchard is the best station to join the DFR if you are coming in by road, with ample car parking available. There is a gift shop, cafe and toilets on site as well as a picnic area. Norchard also serves as the starting point for several walks.
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