Monmouth Troy Station - Railways of the Forest of Dean

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Monmouth Troy

Monmouth Troy was built in 1857 by the Coleford, Monmouth, Usk  & Pontypool Railway. By 1883, the station served four branch lines, the  others being to Ross-on-Wye, Chepstow and Coleford. Other railways were planned,  but none of these went beyond initial construction work. The station was on the  west bank of the river Wye, with two bridges carrying the Ross and Chepstow  lines over the river to the east of the station.

Monmouth Troy was unlucky in never quite making mainline status,  a fact that might have meant its survival on a public railway. The Coleford  branch closed in 1917 and the Pontypool branch closed in 1957. By 1959, all  passenger traffic out of Monmouth Troy was gone and freight traffic was to  continue for only another five years.

Ironically, Monmouth Troy station building survives, but not in  its original location. It was bought by the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway  and is now the new Winchcombe station.

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