Lydney Junction, Severn and Wye/Dean Forest Railway Stations - Railways of the Forest of Dean

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Lydney Junction
Currently the southernmost terminus of the  Dean Forest Railway, in the heyday of the Severn & Wye, Lydney Junction was  the focus of several railways, the Severn & Wye, the Severn Bridge Railway  and the main line from Gloucester to South Wales. Now, only the South Wales line  and the DFR remain, but with Lydney main line station still open, this is the  best place to join the DFR if you are coming by train.

Lydney Junction was primarily an interchange for  goods wagons with the Great Western Line from Gloucester to South Wales. Station  Buildings were provided in 1874, with the station being relocated to the curve  towards Lydney in 1879 (the current DFR station being approximately on that  site) with a footbridge to connect the Severn & Wye & Great Western  Stations. A carriage and wagon shed was provided in 1880 located between the  S&W and GWR stations.

To the north of the station were the locomotive sheds  which dated from 1865 and closed in 1964. The lines the dock diverged to the  west of the station, crossing the Great Western Line by a level  crossing.

The Dean Forest Railway re-opened the station in 1996, and the  platform currently acts as an "island", with trains able to use both sides.  
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