St Mary's Halt, Severn and Wye/Dean Forest Railway Stations - Railways of the Forest of Dean

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St Mary's Halt
Like Norchard, St Mary's Halt is a station that was  not part of the original Severn & Wye Railway. The halt serves the church it  takes its name from and the Lydney Lakeside park. The footbridge found at the  halt is a remnant of the Severn & Wye era, dating from 26th September, 1892, and has been re-opened after restoration in early 2019.

Originally called Lydney Lakeside on opening in 1991,  St Mary's Halt was at one point the southern end of the Dean Forest Railway,  which explains the passing loop now used as a siding.  The halt was taken out of  use in November 2013, partly due to a decline in passenger usage since the  re-opening of Lydney Town station, and partly due to trespass issues (although  the Dean Forest Railway isn't ruling out re-opening the halt in the future).   
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