Lydbrook Junction. Severn and Wye/Dean Forest Railway Stations - Railways of the Forest of Dean

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Lydbrook Junction

This was the junction close to the River Wye between the Ross and Monmouth line and the Severn and Wye line with the former arriving in 1873 and the latter in 1874 when the Lydbrook Extension had reached it. The station boasted several exchange sidings for goods traffic between the two lines.  Because the gradient between Mierystock and Lydbrook Junction was downhill, runaway wagons were a danger, and there were at least three incidences of runaways arriving at the station from further up the S&W line.

The facilities at the station were shared between the two companies with the GWR providing the signal box and most of the station buildings. S&W passenger services were withdrawn in 1929 although passenger services continued on the Ross & Monmouth line until January 1959.

The Severn & Wye goods services from Lydbrook Junction were  withdrawn in January 1956. Goods services to Monmouth were withdrawn with the passenger services along the line and goods services to Ross-On-Wye were  withdrawn in 1964 (although some private siding traffic did remain until 1965).  The site became an industrial park (now closed) and most of the buildings have now been demolished.
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