The GWR Webring
What is a Webring?
A Webring is a series of websites with a common theme, which are linked together using facilities provided (in this case) by Webring. Visitors to one site can use the navigational bar (see bottom of home page for examples) to move from that site to either the previous or next site in the ring (and so on), or can access the ring hub to get a list of all sites in the ring. When the end of the ring is reached, the navigation system will take you back to the first site in the ring. This means that each site in the ring effectively gains a link to all other sites in the ring, and the more members there are in the ring, the more publicity each site gets.
The GWR Webring
To qualify, your site must be partly or wholly dedicated to an aspect of the Great Western Railway, the companies that formed it, or an aspect of British Rail Western Region up to privatisation. Model Railway sites that use any of these as their theme are also welcome. Preservation companies/railways are also welcome if they are running on GWR lines, or have GWR locomotives or rolling stock in their inventory (this also includes narrow-gauge or scale replicas).

Commercial sites are welcome to join, provided that there is some GWR-related material available for purchase, and it is reasonably obvious where these items are on the site. Any commercial site where I cannot find GWR-related material within six or so pages will be denied membership on the basis of content.

Sites should not contain any material that may be deemed to be offensive, and meet any terms that Webring may set on content etc. The ring listing should not be misleading in any fashion; misleading entries may lead to suspension of the site, or be re-written by myself.
The Application Process
Important : Joining the webring will require you to insert code (in either Java or HTML form) provided by Webring which will display a navigational bar as shown on the home page of this site. If you are unable, or unwilling to do this, then please do not submit an application to the ring.
A basic application to the webring is free; your only commitment is to set up a Webring ID. However, Webring are introducing extra promotional facilities which they do charge for; more information can be obtained for Webring on these.

The application procedure is in several stages :
Stage 1 - Submission of Site
Clicking on the "Join" link below will take you to the joining page on Webring. You will need a ID to be able to join the webring; if you do not have one, click on the "Create ID" option on the left of the "Join" page. You will be asked submit a URL.

Please ensure that if you are creating a new Webring ID, that the email address you submit is valid. This is essential in aiding maintenence of the ring. I reserve the right to remove sites from the ring if I believe the contact email address to be invalid
Which page should I submit?
It is preferable that the page submitted can be returned to by using links on the site; if this is not possible, then a warning should be added onto the page to state that this is not possible. Failure to do so may result in the site being treated as though it was a break in the ring and appropriate action taken.

I would recommend that the page submitted is either the home page, a links page or a dedicated webring page. If you are not sure, use the email link below to send me the URL of the page you wish to submit and I will check it over and advise.
Important : if the page is already a member of Webring, you must submit your application using the same Webring ID as previously used. Failure to do so may invalidate all webring submissions made; if I spot this at the application stage, I will automatically decline the application, and request a resubmission under the correct ID.
Stage 2- Navigation Bar Code installation
[If you have installed the Javascript version of the Webring navigation bar on the page submitted, your submission will be covered by that code, and you may skip this stage. If you are using HTML versions of the code, you will need to insert the code for this webring into the page submitted].

As Webring has now installed facilities to allow testing of navigation bar code before a submission is accepted, I have decided to implement a policy of not fully accepting a submission until the nav bar code is operational (by this it gets a "Pass" rating) on the page submited in stage one as this makes management of the ring easier.
Which Code to use
At this stage I will review the site, and one of the following should happen:

1) If I am satisfied that the site meets the criteria for entry to the ring, and the code is working, then I will formally accept the submission and you will go onto the ring. You will receive a formal acceptance email confirming this.

2) If I am satisfied that the site meets the criteria for entry to the ring, but the Nav Bar code is not working, I will process the site onto the ring at a "Suspended" status. The site will not become a full member until the Nav Bar is working, at which point the the auto-management system should switch the site to "Active". If the Nav Bar is not working within 14 days, I will remove the site from the ring

3) If the site doesn't meet the criteria for membership, I will decline the application and will send an email stating my reasons for doing this. Under normal circumstances, I will not object to a re-application once any issues I've listed are resolved.

This completes the joining process.
A working Navigation Bar somewhere reasonably accessible on the site is a requirement for full membership of this ring. Sites not operating a recognisable Nav Bar will be automatically suspended until it is restored, and I reserve the right to delete sites that fail to resolve Nav Bar issues within a reasonable amount of time.
Stage 3 - Application Processing
Ring Order
I would strongly recommend the use of the Java version of the Navigation Bar code, especially if you plan multiple ring applications, as this only needs to be installed once and will cover all applications. The HTML version has to be installed for each separate ring joined.
The ring order is randomly generated, and normally changed when I receive a new application.
Leaving the Webring
In the "edit site" facilities, there is a "leave this ring" option. This should remove you from the ring. Failing that, please email via my Webring ID or the link below and I will delete your site from the ring.
Please note that if at any point your site stops meeting the criteria for ring membership, or your navigational bar stops working (i.e shows a "fails" rating) I may suspend or remove the site from the ring until the problem is corrected.
If you have any further questions, please use the email link below.
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